Friendships dating book circles

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Friendships dating book circles

Huge thanks to Kristen Baker for writing up her experience with hosting a book club about my last book, Friendships Don’t Just Happen, so her story might inspire a few of you to do the same!Imagine having a fun evening together patterns from my past emerge, patterns in my friendships, family relationships, even dating.A casual friend or acquaintance is someone you know slightly.You might see and interact with the individual on occasion or even on a regular basis, but they are not your actual friend.Think about specific examples of times that you’ve experienced feelings of love. There are ways you can figure this out without risking the friendship.Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.Once student life ends, the people in your life start to shake themselves into more distinct tiers.Something like this: At the top of your life mountain, in the green zone, you have your Tier 1 friends—those who feel like brothers and sisters.

Others, however, are elated to approach a time of new possibility, goals and themes. Our team is excited for 2016 and the plans in store.

Not every friendship will reach best friend status as each relationship is different.

Some relationships may start out as acquaintances and stay there for a long time before they move to the friendship stage.

My eyes even welled up with tears as I read the chapter on forgiveness – releasing some past feelings of rejection.

So naturally, I had to share it with my group here in Houston.

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The beautiful irony was experiencing these Divas sharing their struggles with vulnerability WHILE BEING VULNERABLE. They showed up, shared their struggles, we connected. The common themes that came up for us: I am so glad I chose this book for discussion, I may have a round two because there is so much richness in the book, it is chock full of insights and I could talk about relationships, intimacy and vulnerability for HOURS.

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