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Altogether, the United Nations and its agencies have condemned Israel so many times that, on one of those proportional maps, tiny Israel would loom over Saudi Arabia, with its beheadings and ban on women driving. The word “apartheid” clearly does not apply to Israel.

Its founding document, the Declaration of Independence of 1948, is admirably liberal.

But it's really that undefinable sense of "I don't know" that shapes the film's central quest. It's "a combination of what we have here, of local terroir, of Palestinian cooking, and of our immigrant baggage, which we brought from our grandparents." The movie deftly explores the unique forces that have shaped this culinary landscape, from the ebb and flow of political tensions between Arabs and Jews to the competing tensions between Jews themselves who arrived with varied traditions from different corners of the world to the psyche of first-generation immigrants wanting to leave a persecuted history behind.

An artisan-food awakening that truly blossomed in the 1990s, much as in America, has given Israel the sophistication and resources to now become something thrillingly distinct.

In the opening moments of his movie-star debut, Zahav chef Michael Solomonov strides into a Yemenite grill in Tel Aviv, orders a snack in Hebrew, and launches into a whirlwind culinary tour of the 17 little dishes laid on the counter before him, pointing to each colorful salad and naming its origin: "Yemenite, Palestinian, Iraq, Moroccan ... this I don't even know," he says of one mystery dish, with a pause before rolling on to one of this movie's driving themes: "How many countries are represented in one place?

" A stunning diversity of flavors and people have converged in the global stew that is Israel, with about 150 cultures represented in a country the size of New Jersey, a sun-drenched landscape that ranges through mountains, sea, and desert.

On what seems a regular basis, the United Nations takes a poke at Israel – for its settlements policy, its treatment of Palestinians and, once, in the 1975 resolution equating Zionism with racism, merely for existing. That government was so obsessed with race that it created its own categories – white; black; “colored,” for mixed race persons; and one for people of Indian/Asian extraction.It ensures “complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex.” And true to its word, Israel grants its Arab minority the vote, seats its representatives in the Knesset and, years ago, had a female prime minister, the formidable Golda Meir. It is the only miracle about which I am not the least bit cynical – the creation of a nation and a culture where a century or so ago none existed. In the riveting Netflix series “Fauda,” Israelis make adulterous love in a language once used mostly for prayer.Theodor Herzl, the creator of secular Zionism, could not have envisioned such a thing.It's a great way for you to escape from everyday life, to try something extremely new, to make new acquaintances and friends, to make your life more colorful and exciting.A great number of people have already found their soul-mates.

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