Tyler from vampire diaries dating

Posted by / 04-Jan-2017 10:50

Caroline attracts a certain type of guy and while Forwood has had their fair share of troubles, this is likely her suitor. We’ve never gotten any romantic vibes from these two in the past and he’s a likely suspect for Bonnie Bennett’s love interest so we’re not feeling this.

After all, they haven’t even shared screen time yet this season.

With rumors still swirling about whether “The Vampire Diaries” Season 8 will be its last — say it ain’t so!

To help you sort out the mess that has been Caroline Forbes’ love life, we’ve pulled together all the serious contenders for her heart over the past seven years.

You decide which one you think is the best fit for this vampire Barbie.

But she has now indeed found her new love, says Blasting News.

According to the source, the brunette is currently having an affair with “The Final Girls” co-star Tyler Hoechlin.

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Will Bonnie (Kat Graham) miraculously survive the series even though her death is the only way for Elena to return?