Updating a record using cursor

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The cursor has a source that indicates which index or object store it is iterating over.

It has a position within the range, and moves in a direction that is increasing or decreasing in the order of record keys.

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************************ Use the select statement below to select duplicated records insert into YOUR_TEMP_TABLE select * from YOURTABLE where rowid in ( select rowid from YOURTABLE minus select min(rowid) from YOURTABLE group by YOURCOLUMN ) ; Put the result into a temporary loading table. Use CURSOR FOR LOOP and then inside it use FOR LOOP.

Other sessions can only query the rows, but they cannot update, delete, or select with FOR UPDATE.

Oracle provides the FOR UPDATE clause in SQL syntax to allow the developer to lock a set of Oracle rows for the duration of a transaction.

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If you have received this email in error please notify the system manager.Since the update operation specifies operator, which isolates the update operation and disallows yielding during the operation.This isolates the update so that no client can see the updated documents until they are all processed, or an error stops the update operation. The table has no PK or Unique Index because of Application reasons.What I would like to do is to update the field that causes the record to be duplicate by adding a consequitive sequence to the end of the field: i.e : say I have the following 6 records where the most left field is the duplicate field: a12,123,ddd,fff a12,345,ggg,hhh a12,567,fff,lll b11,eee,ttt,yyy b11,rrr,hhh,jjj c11,ggg,uuu,ttt Now I must fetch the duplicates : (in this case a12 and b11 only ) and update the fields so the new records will be: a12_1,123,ddd,fff a12_2,345,ggg,hhh a12_3,567,fff,lll b11_1,eee,ttt,yyy b11_2,rrr,hhh,jjj c11,ggg,uuu,ttt Can any one please help and might have an idea how to do this (sql or plsql) ?

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Avoid using it and update existing code if possible; see the compatibility table at the bottom of this page to guide your decision.

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